Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weekend Adventures

Karl and I both had this past weekend off, which was totally awesome. My idea was to lounge around the house, maybe go to a movie, bake something, mow the lawn... But Karl had other ideas. We were at the farmer's market on Saturday morning when he said, "Um, Sweetie, I have a confession to make. I booked a campsite for tonight. But we don't have to go if you don't want to." Of course I wanted to go! Hooray for camping!

It didn't take us long to get our camping gear together and hit the road for Cassville, Wisconsin, home of Nelson Dewey State Park. We decided to simplify things by going out for dinner, and man, am I glad we did. We found the sweetest little tavern... take a look:

Stained glass Packers lamps!

Nothing says "Let's party all night" like coffee pots in a bar.
Seriously, people. Our bill was $29, which covered a huge prime rib for Karl, a prime rib sandwich for me, and four pints of Spotted Cow. If that's not a good deal, I don't know what is.
But the best part about the whole scene was the women's bathroom...
The local Lioness Club was advertising on the back of the bathroom door...

A little framed artwork perked up the room...
It was basically nonstop classy. Totally small town Wisconsin. Love it.

We camped that night and used our brand new Pudgie Pie makers in the morning to make egg sandwiches over the fire. Then we hit the road. We stopped in Dodgeville at an A&W so Karl could quench his craving for a root beer float. I haven't seen one of the A&W's with the drive-up window trays for a long time, but we found one!

It was so nice to get away with Karl, and much more fun than lounging at home. Although I do love lounging.
p.s. These are seriously all of the photos I have from our trip. I took zero pictures of camping or of the two of us. Just goes to show how food-oriented I am.


Laura said...

I love your pictures, even though I would have loved them more if you were in some! How many cookbooks did you purchase? They do make great gifts (or give aways!). I wish you had checked out Stonefield. How fun if we would have run into eachother there. Did you have to change your route due to flooding? We did!

Julie Dietzel-Glair said...

I haven't seen an A&W in ages, much less one with a drive-up window. Now I'm craving a root beer float. :)