Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Show and Tell

The other day, I found this in the rolled-up cuff of my capris:

It took me a second to realize what it was: a smashed m&m. Then it all came back to me... I had been eating m&m's in my office a few days beforehand, and I had dropped a green one and never found it. Well, I guess it found me.

On a completely different topic, could I get your opinion on this hat, please? I just finished knitting it for a friend, but I'm concerned that the yarn is too '80s-ish.

It's darker than that in real life... my lack of photography skills is popping up again. But my real concern are the flecks of dark pink and turquoise. Too '80s?


Laura said...

I recognized the smashed M&M right away! I think that means I eat (and lost) too many M&Ms.

The hat is totally awesome. I love those colors, and I never thought about the 80s until you suggested it, and even then I don't see the connection.

ErinM said...

I'm with Laura on the hat. And even if it is, the 80s are supposedly back in, which makes the hat quite stylish!

jennyj said...

make a tassle of smashed m&m's and it will be perfect.

Annmarie said...

Love the hat. Reminds me of one that case made for me a long time ago - but kind of red. I wear it all the time. The 80's were fabulous