Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hardy Boys Book Club

This summer, I'm running a graphic novel book club at the library. So far, we've read Babymouse and Owly (if you've never read them, I recommend them-- they're super fast and fun!), and today we're discussing two Hardy Boys books: one graphic novel and one in conventional format.

Well, truthfully, we'll only be discussing for about five minutes, and then the fun will begin. I like to think of book clubs as more of book parties, so today each participant will be making his or her own trail mix (in one of today's books, the Hardy boys go hiking and eat-- you guessed it-- trail mix), and we'll be playing an assortment of Hardy boyish group games. I can't wait.

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Laura said...

I wish I was in your book club. Wait, I am! Whey don't our meetings involve trail mix and group games?