Monday, September 14, 2009

Ten on Ten... a few days late

My friend Andi does a cute thing sometimes on the 10th of the month. She takes ten pictures of what she's doing throughout the day and posts them on her blog. So in the spirit of copying people, here are ten photos of my life on September 10th.

In the morning, I made breakfast (oatmeal and a hard-boiled egg, as usual). Here's one corner of the kitchen.

I looked out in the garage. We had a garage sale Friday and Saturday, so on Thursday morning, the garage was crammed full of things to sell. It looks disorganized in this picture, but really Lia and I had a very high-tech organizational system in place.

I packed up my trusty bike for the commute to work.

At work, I got set up for storytime...

Our theme next week is Cats, so I put together a simple cat-themed craft project.

Then I started weeding the paperbacks. The Thoroughbred series is so out of here!

At lunchtime, I rode my bike to the hardware store to get my watch battery changed. It just so happens that the hardware store is right next to Clownin' Around. No, I did not go in.

I also got change for the garage sale while I was out and about. And on the very top of one of the rolls of quarters was a drummer boy! I love drummer boy quarters, so I knew this would be a fantastic garage sale.

After work, I went to my sewing class. I'm making a toddler outfit. I've made one toddler outfit before. It had surfers and hula dancers, I think. It was kind of a disaster.

Then my sweet husband helped me make signs.
The end.

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Erin said...

OK, Karl does NOT look happy about doing that! Oh, also tell him that Keynote does not make flashcards. Boo.