Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thirty Days of Thankfulness: Day 20

I recently lent my button maker to an acquaintance.  She returned it a few days ago, but I just got around to opening up the box today.  Inside the box were several delicious little treats, two pretty pencils, and a coupon for a product she knows I like (we once ran into each other at Whole Foods).  So sweet!  I'm thankful for little surprises and thoughtful gestures.   


Case said...

I think we need to have a button maker weekend.

Laura said...

So great! She learned the lesson to not return anything empty. And when I first saw your post in my reader I thought I read "I recently lost my button maker" and I was so sad for you! I am thankful you didn't lose it! :)

TK said...

i was just on this website the other day wondering if i could justify buying a button maker!!! lol. since google reader stopped working i have not read a single blog i used to follow. then today i was like oh no! i wonder what is going on with team Struckmeyer!