Friday, November 1, 2013

Thirty Days of Thankfulness: Day 1

November is here!  I'm thankful to have some motivation to write on our blog after a loooong break! 

I'm also thankful that some people in this world like to go all out on Halloween decorations... they make up for people like me, who own one Halloween item and most of the time can't even locate it. 

Take a peek at the decorations one couple (the camp hosts!  How do you become a camp host anyway?) had up at a campground in mid-September...


"Deflated Ghost and Pumpkin" by The Stanleys


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Laura said...

Totally awesome! I, too, have wondered about the camp host gig. Not only how to get it, but what to do once you have it! p.s. you are a Halloween scrooge.