Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bean Counter

After the terrace garden escapade of last spring, we've decided to try all container gardening this year.  Last year, we had really good luck with our containers, which yielded kale, lettuce, and tomatoes.  This year, we added a few beets (have I told you how much I love beets?  I hope the ones we planted flourish so I can tell you how delicious they are), purple beans, spinach, and purple watermelon that supposedly grows up on a trellis (in our case, a piece of twine hanging from the roof of the house).  We had a really late spring, so our seeds have only been in the ground for two weeks.  But take a look at these champion beans: 

They're loving the sunshine almost as much as we are!  They grow and change every day.  They live near our front door, so we get to peek at them multiple times a day.

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