Friday, February 8, 2013

Best Birthday Ever

I turned 36 on Monday.  Typically, I'm not a big birthday lover.  I may have actually lied to my roommates in college about my birthday to try to avoid celebrating.  But this year, I decided it was going to be great.  And it was!  Here's why:
  • 6am hot yoga
  • Oatmeal from a bowl, at the kitchen table, with my husband (not from a Thermos at my desk!)
  • A very short work day
  • Lunch at my favorite coffee shop (I had been looking forward to the mocha milkshake for weeks)
  • A pretty drive in the country to pick up our new kitchen table
  • An afternoon latte
  • Ice skating outdoors
  • Drinks and dinner downtown
Can't wait to do it again next year! 


jennyj said...

YAY! happy to see you're embracing celebrating. we love you!! (the college 'we')

also, fantastic golden birthday sweater. one lucky girl. almost as lucky as the girl who was made a golden dress and given a golden tiara for her golden bday!

larissa said...

That birthday sounds absolutely perfect. I think I'll follow your plan for mine...