Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The New 30

One person in our household turned 40 on Sunday!  To celebrate, we visited a local apple orchard where we picked raspberries, bought apples and squash, and enjoyed a lovely day outside.  Then we headed to a brewery for a tour and tasting, and we topped off the day with sushi!  It was the perfect way to ring in a new decade.
Which is older?
Yes, there was a polka band at the orchard.  And we loved it.  This is why we can never leave Wisconsin. 
 At the brewery!
We sampled every single beer on tap (of course!).   

If the nursing career doesn't pan out, there's always bartending.   

 Karl noticed this sign on the bar...
he loved it because 1991 was the year he graduated from high school.  Take a look at the size of that beer sample!  That is a regular size glass, people.  Once again, we can never leave Wisconsin. 

Mmmm... sushi!  Dimly lit but delightful!
Many happy returns of the day to my sweet husband! 

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Laura said...

I admire your wanting to stay in Wisconsin. I agree, the Polka bands are great, but I am willing to fly in from the beach to see them :). And I think maybe the car is older...happy birthday, Karl!!