Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Sweetie Takes the Cake!

Earlier this year, I was super lucky to win a scholarship to a national institute that I've wanted to attend for as long as I've been a librarian.  The catch: it fell on our wedding anniversary.  And it was in Indianapolis.  After a little sweettalking, Karl agreed to go with me (it helped that we had an airline voucher).  I got to go to the institute, Karl got a lot of study time at the hotel, and we got to celebrate our anniversary together! 
Of course I can never pass up an opportunity to carry out a secret plan.  From the moment we decided to go, I knew exactly what I wanted to do: bring along a cake.  I could have gotten a cake in Indianapolis, of course, but I wanted it to be the same exact cake we had on our wedding day four years ago. So I called the bakery and ordered a little cake (chocolate with peanut butter mousse inside and white chocolate shavings outside).  I picked it up two days before we left and froze it according to the baker's instructions.  Then I carefully (and stealthily-- if you've never met me, I'll just tell you right now that I am very stealthy) packed it in my carry-on. 
 Catching our 7am flight in Madison... he would look more awake if he knew there was a cake in my bag! 

Breathing a sigh of relief after making it through security without even a second glance.  According to TSA's website, you can carry on cakes and pies, but they may be subject to additional screening.  I was sure they would need to screen my cake and the secret would be out!  Nope. 
Somewhere between Madison, Minneapolis, and Indianapolis, the cake got a teeny bit squished, but it was still lovely and delicious.  In what can only be described as a miracle, I had located our left over paper products from the wedding in our extremely disorgnized basement, and I brought along plates and napkins.  Aren't they darling? 
The best part was when I finished with my sessions for the day and I got back to the room.  I told Karl that the workshop had been in a really hot room and that I would love some ice water.  Would he please, please go fill up our ice bucket?  As soon as he left the room (Actually it was a suite-- we got upgraded!  That has never happened to me before.  It was awesome.), I literally ran around getting the cake out, taking it out of the box, setting out the plates and napkins... and when Karl came back with the ice, a mini version of our wedding cake was waiting for him!  

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TK said...

that is so funny that you had a cake in your carry-on!! you two are so "sweet" to each other! -tk