Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ten on Ten: October

  • Making pumpkin cookies (again!)

  • Chimney cleaning by my multi-talented husband, looking forward to many cozy fires this winter

  • Karl's contribution to our seasonal decorations

  • Let the raking begin!

  • Karl got to go canoeing at Devil's Lake... I got to go to work. Not fair. But I'm glad one of us got to go.

  • From the bike path on my way to a meeting on campus (repeat x 5-- it was so beautiful)

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Brooke said...

WOW - love the lake views! Beautiful ;D

Laura said...

Pumpkin cookies? recipe, please. and your pictures are great. I love fall. And I smiled at the leaf because it had "Karl" written all over it. He's a fun guy.

Leslie said...

so gorgeous there....
and funny I've been reading simply sugar and gluten free the last couple days.. both recipes from dinner came from then... how random... :)

love these pics.. thanks for your always encourangement!