Wednesday, October 28, 2009

President of the Dog Walkers' Association

This is what we see almost every time we look out our front windows. Seriously, that woman is constantly walking her dogs. We call her the President of the Dog Walkers' Association. Here is an example of how it might come up...

(Karl looks out the window)

Amanda: What's going on out there?

Karl: Nothing... just the President of the Dog Walkers' Association out on her rounds.

We're not trying to be mean. We're just saying how it is. And I'll also share that the black dog has little red bows on its ears. I'm waiting for Christmas to see if she changes them to one red, one green. Or maybe red/green plaid.


The Vegetarian Rancher said...

Huh. I'd kind of like to have that job-but only on nice days.

shazam said...

does she just walk on your street? cuz if so that would be weird. i clicked on the picture to see the dog bows and it appears that the president is also wearing heels!