Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fast Lane

Last weekend, my friend Amanda and I ran a marathon. We made little gift bags for each other for before the race. Amanda gave me awesome goodies, like a "fuel belt" that keeps your race number on without pins, nut rolls (the perfect running snack), and special shoe laces for the triathlon we're doing in a couple of weeks. In Amanda's bag, I put trail mix, Icy-Hot, a PowerBar, nail polish (color: Fast Lane), Five Star Bars, and these stained glass Fisher Price little people I made for her:

The marathon was totally awesome. It was very long, and I would have liked to stop running at mile 20... or 15... or 5. But we kept going and we made it! I am so proud of us. I would never have finished (or started) if it weren't for Amanda.

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