Monday, December 1, 2008

Secret Surprise for My Husband

Every time we make pancakes or waffles, Karl says, "Do we have any maple syrup?" And we never do. But over the weekend I secretly bought some real maple syrup and stashed it in the pantry, right by Karl's beloved Krusteaz mix. So next time he goes to make pancakes, he'll find it! I love surprises!


Allison said...

Just wait until you are married 14 years. You will get in trouble if there is no maple syrup in the cabinet on those mornings when he wants pancakes. But, oh, isn't that sweet of you!! I love your homemaking!

Anonymous said...

As a backup plan I know he is willing to subsitute things like yogurt, jam, apple sauce, molasses, lingonberries or just about any other fruity / yougurty / sweet sauce. But it is very sweet all the same.