Friday, October 17, 2008

My husband is the best ever!

Karl is totally the sweetest husband in the world. Last Friday we went camping at Devil's Lake. While I was still in my sleeping bag in the morning, Karl got up and made Swedish pancakes (from scratch!) over the fire.

After going for a hike, we stopped at the apple orchard and then headed to my mom's house in Prairie du Sac. She had made a beautiful lunch to celebrate Karl's birthday (which was September 23rd). I'm not sure this picture does it justice... the chicken was cooked with big sprigs of rosemary from her garden. So gourmet.

I took advantage of my mom's huge kitchen by making pumpkin cookies (with my friend Andi's tried and true recipe). Karl and I drove back to Madison just in time to go to the Badger game... yay! The team didn't do very well, but the band and the cheerleaders were fantastic.

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