Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cookie Swap!

Tonight I'm going to a cookie swap with my book club!  Cookie swaps are perfect because they give me a chance to make a couple of well-loved recipes and get most of the cookies out of the house before I really do some damage. 
Here's what's in my Tupperware for tonight:
(I use Andes mints for the last ingredient listed)

These are hands-down my favorite holiday cookies.  They're super delicious and they have a great consistency.  Plus they're super easy to make, and once the candy is cool, they can be stacked on top of one another.  I usually make these to give to our neighbors in little Christmas bags. 


I just discovered this recipe; it was in an insert in the most recent Martha Stewart magazine.  I chose this recipe because: 
a. it's made with almond paste, and I love all things almond
b.  they looked really fast and easy to make (and they are!)
I used homemade raspberry jam for my cookies, but I think they'd be great with other flavors, too.  They have a nice, not-too-sweet almond taste; the only drawback is that they can't be stacked.  That's why God created cookie plates, though, right?  I made these cookies for my co-workers, and they got such rave reviews that I decided to whip up another batch for the cookie swap.  

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Laura said...

I am so impressed you read Martha Stewart and actually try one of her ideas.