Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wedding Weekend!

My little brother, Elsworth, and his sweetie, Lia, got married over the weekend!  It was beautiful and so much fun.  Of course I didn't take very many photos, but here's a little peek for you:

My mom's birthday was also this weekend.  Elsworth makes her a leaf crown every year.  This year, he included leaves from the lawn of Ernest Hemingway's childhood home, which is located in Oak Park, where Lia and Elsworth live.  Oh, and there's Libby!  The sweet little pooch was also in the wedding. 

 Gift bags at the rehearsal dinner!
Lia getting her hair done!  Her hair looked absolutely 100 percent perfect the entire night.  I think she should be a hair model.  

Karl and I read a chapter out of George and Martha ("Split Pea Soup") as part of the wedding.  Everyone loved it.  Great reading choice, guys!  We also made the card receptacle, covered in maps.  You can see it behind the book. 
I borrowed this photo from the photographer's website-  I'm sure she won't mind.  She (Sharon) was the photographer for our wedding four years ago!  She's the best.  Oh, and check out Lia's dress... it's my wedding dress!  I loved seeing it get a second lease on life. 

Fast forward to after the wedding.  Notice my extremely tan complexion.  That is not natural, people.  Let's talk about spray tans.  If you have fair skin, do not ask for "medium" if you've never spray tanned before.  You may end up looking like you belong in the citrus section of the grocery store.  Also, that bridesmaid in the striped shirt recently lost 109 pounds.  Look how tiny she is!  I can lift her up like a feather. 

Lia's hair was still looking perfect 12 hours after having it done! 

That's my sister, Hanna, on the right, and Sharon on the left.  They really loved the popcorn. 

The aftermath: I pulled 78 bobby pins out of my hair.  I truly hope that someone took a picture of the back of my head while my updo was still in place! 
We brought some leftovers back to Elsworth and Lia's apartment, including these cupcakes in three flavors:
1.  German chocolate
2.  Cream-filled red velvet 
(Let me just pause here for a second so you can let the full meaning of "Cream-filled red velvet" sink in to your soul)
3.  Yellow with chocolate frosting, also cream-filled!  Yes, those unassuming little cakes are filled with cream.  Totally beyond anyone's expectations.  I'm surprised there were any left!
Everything was a super fun whirlwind!  I know all of the guests had a great time, and I hope the happy couple did, too. 


TK said...

wowzers, that bridesmaid lost 109 pounds? and i think your tan looks good, not too dark. and how cool that Lia wore your dress!!

Case said...

Loved all of them.

Congrats Ellsworth and Lia!

Julie D-G said...

Love that she wore your dress! Congrats to all!

Laura said...

You are the best. I laughed out loud at the spray tan commentary and even read it to my Mexican roommate at my hostel here in Madrid! Miss you tons. And I am glad your dress had a second go round.

Lady Valentine said...

1. You look fantastic! I've been catching up on your blog and I want to make this comment on every picture I see of you.
2. I, too, am pale and recently made the mistake of asking for medium at the spray tan place. I do medium in a booth normally and it's never been an issue. Having the girl spray me medium? Terrifying.
3. How special that Lia wore your dress?! She seems like a neat lady.