Thursday, February 2, 2012

I live in the coolest town.

Madison is so darn cool.

The main library is going to be completely rebuilt, but before the old building was demolished, people took advantage of the huge empty building and held an event called Bookless last weekend. Tons of artists had installations-- I even got to help a friend build hers, out of catalog cards and microfiche. Karl and I went to check out the event during the day. It was basically the most awesome thing ever in the world.

At the Ask the Oracle station, we wrote questions on catalog cards...

sent the cards through the pneumatic tube system...

and someone downstairs wrote an answer and sent it back up! I won't tell you what my question was, but the answer was, "How much?" which was the perfect answer. Thank goodness those tubes got a last hurrah!

Lots of the art involved library items like Kik-Steps:

Kik-Step peek-a-boo!

This one is made of shelves:

And then at night they turned the whole thing into a dance party. We're never moving.


Laura said...

That's totally awesome. I read about the event the day after, boo. I'm so glad you went and gave the library a great send off. and the ask the oracle thing is amazing. how fun would it have been to answer the questions?

TK said...

I was practically in tears as friend after friend kept posting pictures and such on facebook about the event. I wanted to go so badly! I was curious how the 'oracle' worked, that is SO COOL!!! Can I move back to Madison please??