Thursday, March 31, 2011

I love deals.

I'm just getting un-jetlagged from a phenomenal two-week adventure in Italy and Greece. But instead of boring you with stories of tortellini and feta, I'm going to tell you about an awesome deal I got this week, thanks to this blog. You are not going to believe it. I bought ten boxes of Kellogg's cereal last night. They were on sale for $1.80 each. But I had five "buy two boxes, save $1" coupons. And it was double coupon day. So, after $10 in coupon savings, each box only cost eighty cents. And then I sent the UPC codes from all ten boxes in to Kellogg's, and they are going to send me a $10 gas card. Is that not the best deal ever? Total out of pocket: $8.44 (includes the price of the stamp). Total coming back to me, in the form of a gas card: $10. Total boxes of cereal in our pantry: 10. Good thing Karl is a big cereal eater!


Case said...

10 boxes of cereal would never get eaten in my house. Lots of pics and stories PLEASE!

Anna said...

How do you know when it's double coupon day?

Laura said...

Totally awesome. You are my cereal hero.