Thursday, April 9, 2009

Huff Puff Huff Puff

Last night after work I ran 16 miles. The marathon is on May 25, so we're getting serious about training! My friend and co-marathoner, Amanda, came to Madison on Saturday and we ran 16 miles then. It was my longest training run yet, and I could not believe I lived through it! Of course I decided to try it again 4 days later. My total mileage for this week was 40 miles (8 on Thursday, 16 on Saturday, 16 on Wednesday). Last night's course was really pretty; I took Highway M to go around Lake Mendota to the north. The most beautiful part was when I got home, drank a gallon of Gatorade (sweet Karl had two flavors chilled for me!), took a hot shower, and collapsed for the night.

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