Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Fisher Price Edition

Ouch! This bed doesn't look very comfortable! I wouldn't want to sleep there... and neither would my Fisher Price little people! Luckily, all I need is a few basic supplies to transform a mattress-less bed into a restful oasis. A needle and thread, a pair of good scissors, a piece of foam (I found a sheet of 1/2-inch thick foam in the quilting section of the fabric store), and a piece of fabric will do the trick.

First, I cut the foam, making it a little bit small for the frame of the bed. Next, I cut the foam in half so that it was 1/4-inch thick, instead of the original 1/2-inch. Then I cut a piece of fabric and wrapped the foam (like you would wrap a gift), folding the long sides together last and letting them overlap just enough so that I could sew one stitch through both pieces of fabric. After tying the stitch tightly and cutting off the excess thread, I had a designer mattress!

Jimmy! Stop jumping on the bed!

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shazam said...

in case you were wondering...i played with little people until i was 13.