Friday, August 29, 2008

Meet the Groomsmen!

Karl's brother Dale is a firefighter in Fitchburg, Wisconsin.  He and his wife, Shannon, have a sweet dog named Rambo.  Dale, Karl, and several other tough guys enjoy annual fishing trips to Canada.  
My (Amanda's) brother, Elsworth, is a librarian in Washington, DC.  We went to library school together, and we were both on the world championship-winning book cart drill team, Dewey, et al For My Baby (shown below, just after sweeping the competition in Chicago in 2005), and on the library school's kickball team.  The last picture in this post was taken while Elsworth was still in the hospital after being born.  Our grandmother, Adrian, is holding him, and the little blonde girl reading to her newborn brother is me!  No wonder he became a librarian!  

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